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What is Victoria’s ‘Secret’?


The Angels

The first words that come to mind when I think of Victoria’s Secret are; sexy, feminine, beautiful and extravagant.

The brand itself evokes a sense of girl power and allures you in with its thrills, lace, and not to forget to mention, the drop dead, gorgeous ladies who model the products. The Victoria’s Secret angel posse, includes models such as Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, and in previous years Britain’s very own Cara Delevingne. So it’s no surprise that girls all over the world have been captivated by their never-ending legs and perfect curly blowdrys.


Buy the product to be that girl?

The amount of teenage girls I see whilst working in the Trafford Centre, walking past with the signature Victoria’s Secret bag is actually crazy, considering the products aren’t exactly priced to suit pocket-money. The less expensive of the Bras are priced around the £28 mark. So what is it that’s so special about the Victoria’s secret products?

“Buy the product to get to be like the girl so you get your man” (Wykes, Gunter, 2004;41)

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There is no denying that girls are bombarded with messages and images through the media that attempt to dictate basically what’s hot, and what’s not. Not so much in primary school, but most definitely when you hit high school there is this overwhelming pressure to of had/have a boyfriend. And to of most definitely kissed a boy. You are surrounded by girl magazines offering kissing tips and dating advice. This was a whole new world for me when I was growing up, I was scared of my mum even knowing I was friends with boys never mind bringing a boyfriend home! Since I’ve got older though I’ve noticed that this pressure has built up even more so for young girls. Teenage girls now desperately want to look and act older than their years, it’s actually quite upsetting to think that in today’s society childhood is over so quickly. I scroll through Instagram and Facebook and see young girls with way too much make up on, sporting a crop top. It’s as though it has just become accepted as a norm in today’s  oversexualized culture. It seems that young girls are now more concerned about how many Instagram followers they have rather than becoming educated, independent, women.

Consumer Culture

Buying something from Victoria’s Secret is like buying into the angel lifestyle. The consumer culture that thrives in today’s post-modern society contributes to the idea of identity no longer being fixed. We adapt who we are by buying into different lifestyles, through clothes, music, hobbies etc. Constructing our very own perfect identity.  Which is why I think this is one of the reasons why the world is in love with Victoria’s Secret. We are in love with the thought of being as sexy and as confident as the Victoria’s Secret models. So, therefore by buying lingerie from the brand it makes us feel as though we are that bit closer to having them never-ending legs and that perfect curly blowdry.


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