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Life without a phone



It’s hard to walk down the high-street, sit on a bus or go to a bar without spotting someone with their phone glued to their hand. The familiar glow from the screen shadowing their faces and the occasional smirk at a text. Lets face it, phones have become our BFF’s. They have wormed their way into our hearts and have settled into our coat pockets as part of our everyday lives. A smartphone gives you access to quite literally anything you could possibly want at the tip of your fingers.

The loss of a phone

The loss of a phone is pretty heartbreaking. Waking up after a night out and doing the usual clutch bag check to discover the absence of your phone is probably the most effective and quickest way to sober up. The best way however? Nope, most definitely not. Spending the morning trying to ring the club you was at the night before to see if your beloved phone is there, isn’t fun. Spending the morning constantly refreshing the Find My IPhone app, isn’t fun. But a wake up call? Definitely. I can assure you ever since that night I have been very careful about what, and how much I drink.

The death of a phone

After experiencing the loss of my phone myself I could sympathise with Daragh this morning when she announced her phone had decided to just turn itself off… completely… forever.

Utter devastation summed up in that one tweet. Daragh Mather told me

“I feel lost and stranded. I feel cut off from the outside world.”

You might view this as a bit dramatic, but I challenge you to go a day without your phone. I bet you wont even want to attempt it because they are so woven into our daily routines now.¬† The quick scroll through social media like it’s the morning newspaper as soon as you wake up. Sound familiar? If you do go phoneless for a day though let me know in the comments. It would be interesting to see if it made you feel out the loop too.