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Currently im cooking up some magical blog posts in my book of ideas and inspiration. So, in the meantime here’s a feature article I did as part of my portfolio for uni. It’s all about starting up a blog, and full of advice and tips for blogging newbies!

I interviewed the lovely Danielle Ran, a fashion and music blogger from the blog Lel’s World for the article so go and check out her blog its amazeeeee!

Where to start when starting a blog

“I kind of just thought, fuck it. If I want to blog, I’m going to blog. It takes a lot of courage initially but once it’s done its fine.” Danielle Ran, 18, fashion and music blogger.

Danielle’s mental attitude towards her first blog post basically hits the nail on the head in the approach you have to acknowledge, and take on board, when it comes to blogging. The ‘blogosphere’ is full of wonderful, creative individuals who all have a taste for writing and the hunger to build a career from blogging.

Only be prepared to start a blog if you’re passionate about life, things around you, people, and the world. If you imagine yourself sat at your keyboard losing the will to live because you can’t think of anything that’s inspired you to blog about, then this article is not for you my friend.

Danielle first started her blog, Lels World, in May 2014, with it originally being purely just a music blog. However, her love for fashion naturally tempted her into the sea of fashion blogging.

Danielle said: “I generally blog about both music and fashion, so I don’t really fall under any sort of blogging ‘label’ e.g. ‘Fblogger’ or ‘Bblogger.’ I also like to throw in a general or political rant every once in a while.”


A crucial step before getting your blog up and running is finding inspiration to help you bounce ideas around for your own posts on your blog. Hopefully, you will already follow other peoples blogs, that may blog about similar areas you’re interested in writing about.

Go ahead and interact with them, leave feedback on their posts and engage with their content. You never know, in the future they may repay the favour, and lead their following to your site.

Danielle told us: “After years of following various fashion and music blogs, I finally plucked up the courage to start my own blog. I loved seeing these bloggers radiate from their success and feedback, so one day I thought, hey, I want to do that too. So I did.

” I’m constantly reading online magazines like Vice, DIY, and Cosmopolitan, as well as individual blogs like Lulutrixabelle and altmusicbox to gain inspiration. Seeing others’ creativity and inventiveness often sparks a surge of creativity within me.”

What site is right for you?

Inspiration gained? And brainwaves flowing? You are now ready to select a blogging site that caters to your needs. There are plenty out there, floating around on the internet, waiting for you to pick them to be your new best friend. For example, WordPress. com (I’ve made ‘com’ bold as that’s the free version,), and of course

Danielle said: “Personally, I use Blogger as I find that the format suits my posts more than any other platform. Also, many other bloggers use Blogger, so it increases the likelihood of hits and follows from other users on the site.”

The biggen

Trying to nail your first blog post is not going to be easy. It won’t be perfect, and you will probably cringe at it when you’re scrolling down your feed in a couple of months time, but everybody has to do one. So, roll up them sleeves, grit your teeth, and get down to business. Here are a few ideas if you’re feeling completely stuck, but something original would be best; an introduction to yourself, why you have started a blog, or a review on something.

Danielle told us her take on writing her first post: ” I thought of my first post as kind of like an audition. Your first post is likely to only be seen by friends, family, and acquaintances, but it is still incredibly important as it not only introduces yourself and blogging style to potential readers, but also sets the tone for your blog.

“Your first post should be intriguing to keep readers engaged, but refrain from being too controversial to avoid offending readers before you know what your following base is like.”

Pics and vids and the pretty stuff

I bet the thought of including multimedia in your first post didn’t even cross your mind did it? But, don’t stress, you already had enough to think about. When maintaining a blog multimedia is nearly as important as the actual writing in a post. It helps break up the text and keeps your readers engaged.

Everyone seems to own Smartphone’s now and I bet you’re no exception. These gadgets have pretty snazzy cameras that take good, quality pictures, so now you have no excuse to not add images into your posts. Vine is also a great app for creating short, snappy videos and the app Audio Boom is perfect for sounds clips.

Danielle explained here approach to multimedia: “For photos, I generally just upload photos from my phone or camera onto my laptop, edit as needed ( generally does the trick), and add them into my blog post.

” YouTube and Sound cloud widgets are generally a bit more tricky to embed into my blog as you have to use HTML coding, but I managed to teach myself how to do so.”

Putting your stamp on the world-wide web

So, now that your blog is filled with amazing content and brimming with multimedia, it’s time to start getting your pride and joy noticed on the big, wide web. The proper term for this is search engine optimisation, or SEO for the pro bloggers out there.

Little adjustments in your posts can help your blog become higher ranked in Google searches, such as; key words, names and locations, featured in your title or introduction. Another way is by using indented quotes and bullet points.

Don’t be shocked or upset if your blog doesn’t become an overnight sensation, it takes time, effort and commitment to make a blog a success.

Danielle said: “Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve had support from various brands, e.g. La Moda, Elsie &

Fred, and Dirty Disco because I’ve supported their brand. I’ve also found that blogging can act as somewhat of a career platform, as I’ve now had success in being the new blogger for Motel Rocks due to me submitting my blog to them. “