What’s the difference between blogging and journalism?


Some may argue that blogging itself is a form of journalism, a way of discussing ideas, events and issues. But in a more, relaxed, kind of way. Bloggers don’t have the restrictions of editors and proprietors navigating what they can write about… and what is definitely a no go. Bloggers have the freedom to  selectively dip in and out of a range of topics that interest them, whereas journalists are directed to particular stories to report on that are particularly relevant at the time.

The freedom that comes with blogging, may be a reason why journalists turn to blogging platforms, as a way to escape the restrictions they may feel in their work environment. Allowing them to approach their own interests and air their own opinions on topics. Blogging has room for bias. Unlike journalism, that regards objectivity as a necessity.

Blogging should be recognised as a platform for aspiring journalists to publish their work and get instant responses on improvements and suggestions for next posts. It’s a way for them to develop, improve and learn from their mistakes. It can even be seen as mini portfolio, a taster of their style and tone. It’s also a brilliant way to build contacts. For example, in the particular area of journalism I’m interested in, fashion. Lots of fashion bloggers have amazing relationships with online brands such as Miss Guided, La Moda and Pretty Little Thing. They’re featured on the brands Instagram pages, invited to exclusive previews and sent freebies to feature in their blog posts. It’s the perfect way of promoting each other! And can lead to exciting opportunities.


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