How I use social media


I constantly have my phone in my hand refreshing various social media feeds to get a quick fix of the latest celebrity gossip or news. I find that Instagram and twitter both cater to what I want to get out of social media. Both sites give me an instant insight into what is happening throughout the day whether it be updates on a major news story on twitter, or a glimpse into a models shoot via Instagram.

Instagram for me is great as im interested in fashion, it allows me to follow a variety of fashion bloggers and get inspiration from their outfit posts. As well as this through following other people who are interested in fashion I have discovered new fashion brands to follow who aren’t as well -known as the big companies such as Topshop.

On twitter im guilty of loving a peak into celebrities lifestyles. Twitter is a powerful tool in finding out where celebrities are and what they are up to – I did in fact previously spend my days standing outside various hotels and radio stations waiting to catch a glimpse of One Direction. Slightly stalkerish looking back at it now! Now I use Twitter more for socialising with my friends and keeping up with what they are up too.


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