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My MMU – Campus Style!


Since I started at MMU in September I’ve noticed the vast array of individual styles and trends sported by students on the campus. Many of times I’ve found myself  thinking  ‘Omg I love her outfit!’ when I’ve crossed paths with someone in the Atrium Cafe or in the corridor. As well as having serious shoe envy on multiple occasions and having to stop myself from asking them where are they from and why don’t I have them on my feet? (can you tell shoes are my weakness.) I feel as though fashion is one way of expressing who you are as a person, which can be hard to do when starting the daunting journey into the unknown of uni life. You begin to question every possibility you could possibly question. So, when given the task to write a blog on ‘My MMU’ I thought it was the perfect way to showcase a small pick of campus style I’ve particularly took a liking to today!

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Style ProfileLatoya Mesquitta
Criminology and Sociology student at MMU

I love Latoya’s laid back approach to her outfit today! Which is reflected in the way she summed up her overall look ‘casual!’
Her cool,vintage bomber jacket (which previously belonged to her dad) adds an edge to this minimalistic outfit and totally scores points in the varsity/back to school look!

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Style ProfileLisa Murgatroyd
Fashion student at MMU

Lisa’s amazing statement coat caught my eye immediately! Not only does the floor skimming length fit right in with the bang on trend of duster coats, that have made an appearance for AW. But the sand tone of the coat goes hand in hand with the camel colour palette of the season. After chatting with Lisa I was surprised to find the coat was a bargain buy of just £10 from a charity shop! (jealous!) Her school girl, vintage look shoes complement this outfit perfectly. But it is obvious the coat does all the talking!

P.S – Anyone else dying to go charity shopping with Lisa or just me?

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Style ProfileAlicia Hattersley & Laura Jones
Both Multimedia Journalism students at MMU

I loved both Alicia’s and Laura’s overall looks today! I feel like they’ve struck the perfect balance between Autumn and Winter in their outfits – in this awkward ‘in between seasons’ period we are in. Both girls have mixed up cute, girly lace and frills, then adding a winter necessity on top, a stylish coat/jacket. Not only was this a no brainer due to Manchester having particularly dreadful weather today it also adds a variety of textures to their outfits.


How I use social media


I constantly have my phone in my hand refreshing various social media feeds to get a quick fix of the latest celebrity gossip or news. I find that Instagram and twitter both cater to what I want to get out of social media. Both sites give me an instant insight into what is happening throughout the day whether it be updates on a major news story on twitter, or a glimpse into a models shoot via Instagram.

Instagram for me is great as im interested in fashion, it allows me to follow a variety of fashion bloggers and get inspiration from their outfit posts. As well as this through following other people who are interested in fashion I have discovered new fashion brands to follow who aren’t as well -known as the big companies such as Topshop.

On twitter im guilty of loving a peak into celebrities lifestyles. Twitter is a powerful tool in finding out where celebrities are and what they are up to – I did in fact previously spend my days standing outside various hotels and radio stations waiting to catch a glimpse of One Direction. Slightly stalkerish looking back at it now! Now I use Twitter more for socialising with my friends and keeping up with what they are up too.